8 Healthy Travel Hacks for Your Next Vacation


Between long drives and fast food stops, huge restaurant meals and non-stop partying, traveling can surely wreak havoc to your diet and fitness routine.  The result?  Weight gain and a bigger waistline post-vacation.  Well, that is if you are careless about it.

Traveling doesn’t need to interfere with your healthy habits.  Follow these 8 simple ways to stay healthy when on the go, while still having fun!

1. Bring healthy snacks with you.

To prevent running to the nearest fast food or munching on unhealthy airplane snacks, pack a variety of healthy snacks to curb those random hunger pains when traveling.  It’s always good to keep something healthy on hand.  Go for mixed nuts, protein balls, granola balls, and the like.

2. Keep yourself hydrated.

Thirst is often mistaken as hunger which can cause you to eat more than the usual.  Have a water bottle handy wherever you go so you can prevent dehydration.  Remember to hydrate with water and not soda or other beverages that are loaded with sugar and empty calories.

3. Wear your workout shoes.

Thank God, athleisure is in style nowadays.  You can now wear your running shoes and workout clothes without looking weird. But if you are not a fan of wearing workout clothes when traveling, just pack your workout gear.  Now, there’s no excuse to squeeze in a quick workout every day.  Wearing your exercise shoes when you are out and about can motivate you to walk more too!

4. Don’t forget your supplements.

Make sure to bring your supplements especially your multivitamins and probiotics to boost your immune system and prevent “stomach issues.”  Remember, you are more exposed to all sorts of viruses when you are traveling, and even more when you are not well-rested.

5. Load up on greens.

Make sure to eat at least one salad a day.  Eating your greens is a must if you want to stay healthy during your vacation.

6. Choose healthy restaurants.

Before you begin your travel, research at home to find the best restaurants that serve healthier food options.

7. Buy groceries.

Another option to eat healthier when traveling is to buy your own groceries and cook at least one meal every day.  Only if your accommodation has a kitchen, obviously.  Not only will this keep you on track with your diet, it will save you tons of cash too.

8. Relax!  It’s time to de-stress.

Lastly, just relax and enjoy your vacation.  Vacations are meant to take away the stress so be kinder to yourself and let loose a little.

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