How to Wake Up Feeling Wonderful and Energized


If you are not a morning person, you know how impossible it is to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized.    Not being well-rested affects you the whole day – making you cranky, moody and feeling like a zombie.

Well, the key to feeling good in the morning is obviously, getting a good night’s sleep.  But not all of us are lucky enough to get the right amount of zzz’s and for others, even if they manage to get a full eight hours of sleep, they still feel sluggish in the morning.  Oh, the struggle is real.  If you are one of those, don’t fret… these tips and hacks might help you out.

Cut back on sugar.

You know how chocolates make kids hyper?  Well, same thing goes for us adults.  If you want to sleep better, try not to consume anything sugary after 5 pm to allow your body to detox and metabolize the simple carbs and avoid insulin spike before bedtime.

Cut back on caffeine.

Just like sugar, you need to cut back on caffeine as well because it amps up your adrenaline.  Caffeine can stay in the system for hours which can keep you awake till the wee hours of the night and hinder you from getting a restful sleep.

Skip out on alcohol.

If you think that alcohol can promote sleep, well yes, it can help you get to sleep but it can interfere with your brain activity at the same time.  You may be falling in a not-so-deep slumber but it will prevent you to have the good quality kind of sleep that will make you wake up feeling refreshed.  Expect a dry mouth, a pounding heart and an aching head the next day.

Put your phone in “night mode.”

Obviously, how can you sleep well when your phone keeps on buzzing from text messages, emails and social media notifications?

Switch out your lights.

To help you wake up naturally, rather than waking up to a shocking and annoying alarm, installing smart wake up lights is an ideal thing to do.  Philips offers a Wake-up Light that allows you to select the time you want to wake up and 30 minutes before that, the light will come on gently and will gradually get brighter until your wake up time – just like the natural sunrise.  Don’t worry, it has a back-up beeper to just in case.

Get physical.

Yes, you heard it.  Whether it’s a morning cardio or some stretching exercises, engaging in some sort of physical activity as soon as you wake up can make you feel more alert, energized and ready for the day.  Also, physical relaxation techniques such as stretching, yoga and deep breathing exercises can help ease your mind and make you feel less tensed, thus promoting a good night’s sleep.

Never skip breakfast.

You need a morning boost to start your day and what better way to fuel your body than a good, hearty breakfast.  No matter how sleepy and sluggish you feel in the morning, never skip on the most important meal of the day because you’ll just end up feeling that way the whole day.

Hydrate before you sleep and as soon as you wake up.

You know how water brings wonders to your body and of these is maintaining a healthy flow of oxygen that will make you feel more energetic in the morning, and help your body to detox when you sleep.

Listen to music.

According to, bedtime listening can help people with sleep disorders by boosting sleep quality and quantity.  Certain music lowers heart rate and slows breathing, helping you to fall asleep faster.  See, lullabies aren’t just for babies.  Choose songs that have a slow rhythm of 60-80 bpm.  You can check out Spotify for “sleep” playlists to listen to at bedtime.

Studies also show that when you listen to your favorite songs, your brain releases significant amounts of dopamine.  So in the morning, start your day with your favorite upbeat tunes because it will surely make you feel motivated, energized and ready for the day!

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