5 Offbeat Workouts That You Might Want to Try


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Aerobics?  Gym workouts?  Running?  That’s old news.  Fitness today has reached a whole new level.  With an increasing demand for fun and fresh ways to stay in shape, fitness experts have been creating crazy and new-fangled workouts for fitness enthusiasts to try out.

Whether you want to break away from your old exercise regimen or just looking for a fun motivation to stay active, these offbeat workouts might work for you.


Have you ever asked yourself how Beyonce can sing and dance at the same time?  Well, you don’t have to be Queen B to be able to do this.  Kararobics is the fitness craze that started in Singapore where students sing karaoke while doing aerobics.  FYI, singing has a lot of surprising health benefits like an improved circulation and low stress levels.  Each class runs for an hour with 15-20 songs from different genres such as pop and retro


We’re not used to having Rock n Roll and Workout together in one sentence but this drumming-inspired workout called POUND will let you drum, dance and sculpt at the same time.  In a 45-minute Pound class, each participant holds a pair of drumsticks called Ripstix and drums simultaneously while doing cardio and pilates.


Not a fan of the traditional yoga music?  Well this new yoga craze might just spark your interest.  If you are a fan of Drake then you know that this famous hip hop mogul is all about getting in touch with your feelings.  He is a very sensitive guy and it really shows in his music.  So if you want to meditate to Drake’s music then you should sign up for this Drake-themed yoga class.


Unleash your inner stuntman by joining Parkour.  This physical activity uses movements developed from military obstacle course training.  It includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and more.  Sounds fun, right?  You’ll feel like a kid again while you do your total body workout.

Boogie Bounce

Another child-like workout experience is the Boogie Bounce Xtreme where you can bounce on a mini trampoline to a choreographed chart topping music.  It surely is a fun way to get fit!


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