5 Meal Prep Tips & Ideas

91cTjYl0J1L._SL1500_A lot of us aim for a healthy lifestyle… to eat healthy food and exercise as much as we can.  However, life gets in the way.  Most of the time, because of our hectic schedule, we tend to fall off track track from our good healthy habits and active lifestyle.  This is when Meal Prep comes in.  As they say, preparation is the key to success.

Planning and preparing meals ahead of time will not only save you time, but will for sure help you stay on a healthy eating track.  When you are feeling hungry, you’ll have the convenience of a healthy prepped meal ready for you to eat, instead of grabbing some junkfood or unhealthy fast food take out.

Here are 5 helpful Meal Prep tips and for you to try.

Invest in Good Quality Containers.

Obviously, you’ll need containers for your meals and since you will be reusing that, invest in a good one.  When choosing your Meal Prep Container, choose:  stackable ones to save space on your fridge, containers with leak-proof compartments to avoid mess and keep your food fresh and safe from contamination, BPA free and Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer safe.

Buy pre-choped or frozen veggies.

If this is the part that hinders you from doing meal prep, you can go for the pre-chopped ones that you can buy in the supermarket.  Another option would be frozen vegetables, it’ll even stay fresh throughout the week.

Season meat in different ways with just one pan.

Sticking to one meat flavor is boring.  Prepare at least two or three flavors and cook them in one pan using aluminum foil dividers.

Bake eggs using a muffin tin.

Eggs are excellent sources of Protein, vitamins and healthy fat.  It is a staple in every dieter’s meal prep recipes.  However, it’s hard to cook a dozen of hard boiled eggs in one pot, or make a dozen of omelets in on pan.  One trick to prepare big batches at once is to use a muffin tin.  You can use the oven to make hardboiled or poached eggs and omelet “cups” with different seasoning and toppings.

Bag up smoothie ingredients.

Smoothies are also a staple in meal prepping.  To make the preparation more convenient, pre-assemble all your ingredients inside Ziplock bags and put it inside the freezer.  So if you feel like drinking one, all you have to do is grab one bag and put it inside your blender.

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