Types of Weight Loss Surgery


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Obesity is a serious problem hence when all the non surgical options do not work; people generally go for different weight loss surgeries. These certainly include the laparoscopic weight loss surgery. Well, when it comes to this category of surgery, you have several types, which we will be discussing in this post. Let’s do that:

Revisional Surgery

The Revisional Surgery for weight loss is among the challenging procedures for the surgeons. For this, you need an adequate expertise to find the desired results. Revisional surgery is nothing but another set of surgical procedures, which are undertaken only when the previous procedure for weight loss has failed. The fact is any surgery for weight loss is not often a magic bullet. Though a majority of people undergoing the same can be successful in their mission, however, there are few who unfortunate enough to get the desired result. For them the revisional surgery comes as the next option of shedding their extra gars over their bodies. The surgeon after checking the conditions decides which techniques to be used as revisional surgery for the weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve

This is yet another popular surgical procedure meant for reducing your weight. Gastric banding helps in reducing good amount of your stomach that can hold by simply putting an adjustable band over it.  The gastric band is simply designed in order to lose your weight. It works simply by creating a small size pouch over the upper portion of your stomach. This can further help in holding little amount of your food meaning you eat less just because feel your belly as full. Less eating therefore tends to lose your weight. The surgeon inserts a tube like balloon, which moves around the upper portion of your stomach. The doctor simply adjusts by inflating the tube and adjusts the same with the help of band. Now with healthy and limited eating along with a bit of exercise, you end up losing your weight with the gastric banding procedure.

Gastric Bypass

It is also called as Roux-en procedure, which a common one in the US to get rid of the extra weight. During this procedure, the surgeon simply cuts and staples the stomach of the top portion in order to create a small size pouch over the esophagus’ end. It simply leaves behind the remained over your stomach, which is attached to the top portion of the small intestines. Then the surgeon moves ahead to cut and attach a pouch to the small intestine. The surgeon then takes one of the small intestines, which is connected with the non pouch portion of your stomach and then finally connects with the bottom (of the roux limb). This helps the digestive juices produced in your stomach in order to get the food inside your intestine. This in turn brings the weight loss among people choosing the same.

The Bottom Line

The laparoscopic weight loss surgeries are among the popular ones to get rid of the extra weight over your body. However, it has a couple of options, which are enlisted above. If you are among the obese people, why not just choose any one of the above and get rid of the extra weight.




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