The Importance of Proper Breathing

This may seem like a ridiculous subject considering that we take a breath every few seconds. There are surprising number of people, however, who experience breathing difficulties. Many choose to ignore the symptoms as they get used to breathing in a certain way. This, however, can be extremely dangerous for them.

Nasal deformities, deviated septums, nasal bones, and polyps are just a few of the problems that can plague certain individuals. These can be fixed with medication but sometimes require Scottsdale rhinoplasty to correct the physical defects. It is imperative, however, to attend to these problems as soon as they come up. There can be many side effects or complications due to poor breathing:

Nasal Congestion

There are certain disfigurements of the nose that can lead to chronic nasal congestion. Many people learn to live with this cold that never seems to go away. There are several complications of nasal congestion that can cause the condition to worsen. For instant, post nasal drip is quite a common side effect; this continuous trail of mucus down the throat can irritate the throat. This can cause sore throats and coughs. With this type of congestion, it is common to begin breathing through the mouth to make up for the lack of air through the nose. This, however, increases the risk of developing infections. This is because the mouth is not equipped with the same disease-preventing function as the nose. The lungs can also be affected as contaminated air is pulled directly into the lungs.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is just another complication of not being able to breathe properly. It is a breathing disorder that occurs when a person is sleeping. Those with sleep apnea experiences multiple gaps in their breathing while they sleep. These pauses can last from a few seconds to even minutes. This can happen many, many times as a person sleeps. This disorder results in poor quality of sleep, making individuals extremely tired and sleepy during the day.

If it is left unchecked, there are further complications that can develop. For instance, the presence of sleep apnea can increase the possibility of high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, and even a stroke. It can also, in extreme situations, lead to heart failure and other type of heart ailments. There is also an increased chance of having an accident due to drowsiness.


Sinusitis is the infection of the sinus cavities in your face and can be exacerbated by nasal deformities. It can cause congestion and pain throughout the face such as cheeks, nose, and the jaw. Sinus headaches are also associated with this infection and can be quite painful. Many also experience a reduced sense of smell as well as taste due to the blockage of the sinuses and the nasal passages.

This infection can make it quite difficult to breathe and even cause people to feel quite nauseous. It can be difficult to do strenuous activity or to be comfortable due to difficulties in breathing. There may also be a prolonged cough.

It is always important to get any breathing difficulties checked as soon as possible. It may not take much for complications to develop with breathing disorders.

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