6 Fun Ways to Get Fit Outdoors

I’m sure that you are already bored and tired of your home exercises pretty much most of the winter season.  So if it’s already warm (or starting to warm up) where you live, you can already begin planning for outdoor activities to help you shape up.  Experts say that pleasant temperatures and the visual interest of your surroundings not only motivate you to exercise but can also help you to enjoy it more.

Here are 6 fun ways to get fit outdoors:

1. Team Up

Any activity is more enjoyable and fun if you do it with your friends.  So gather your work out buddies and plan your next fitness activity together.  You can do group workouts or have your own boot camp.

2. Train for a Marathon

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, training before the actual day of marathon is a must for every runner.  There are proper techniques to get you ready for a marathon, so train hard, get fit and have fun.

3. Hiking

Hiking is not just pure adventure but also a rigorous exercise.  It won’t even feel like you’re working out because you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air and the feeling of being one with nature.  Plan a backpack adventure with your buddies and enjoy a weekend of hiking, camping and pure fun along with a great cardio and leg workout.

4. Play Ball with Friends

Organize a team and have a relaxed game of basketball, baseball, softball or any ball game that you and your friends enjoy.  It will burn just as many calories as it is when working out at the gym.  It’s also a fun way to bond with your friends – a perfect Saturday morning activity.

5. Hit the Beach

The beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind but why not make the most out of it by squeezing in some activities that can help you achieve that beach body for summer? Aside from swimming, you can play Frisbee, beach volleyball or even try paddle boarding, kayaking and more.  You can also start your day with a quick jog or yoga at the beach and enjoy the morning sun.

6. Volunteer

Take part in different volunteer work in your neighborhood because not only will you be able to burn calories, you also get to give back to the community.   You can help build shelters, serve meals to the homeless, clean the neighborhood or even walk dogs for a local pet shelter.

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