5 Most Common Health Concerns and How To Fix Them

Common Health Concerns

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Our health is one of the most precious assets we have, and as such we want to look after ourselves. But no matter how much we try to stay healthy, health problems and concerns still arise from time to time. Some health concerns are more common than others, and some may arise every day or every week for some of us. Here we look at 5 of the most common health concerns people face today and how to deal with these issues most effectively when they arise.

Dry Eyes

As we spend longer days staring at computer screens and stuck in traffic with our eyes exposed to pollution and dust, dry eyes are becoming a more common and troublesome complaint. Dry eyes is a condition where your eyes don’t have enough tears for lubrication, either because the tear ducts are not producing enough fluid, or the quality of tears is no lubricating enough. If you regularly experience dry, red, irritated and itchy eyes, you could have dry eyes.

A variety of factors can contribute to dry eyes such as age, genetics, gender, medications, medical conditions and environmental conditions. Thankfully, there are effective dry eyes treatments available that can provide relief, including lubricating eye drops, minor surgical procedures to preserve tears in the eyes, medications and treatments for underlying conditions that may be contributing to dry eyes. For effective treatment of ongoing dry eyes, see your doctor or optometrist.


Pretty much everyone has been affected by headaches at some point in their lives, and it’s one of the most common everyday health complaints. Headaches can be caused by a huge range of factors, including illness, stress, dehydration, neck and shoulder issues; and it can also have a variety of presentations, such as pain concentrated in the front of the head, pain in the sides of the head, diffuse pain over a large are of the head, and so on.

If you have very severe ongoing headaches, you may suffer from migraines or another medical condition, and it’s important to see your doctor for more information. Other treatments for headache can include analgesic medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen, a cold compress, relaxation and rest.

Cuts and Scrapes

Whether young or old, we’re all prone to cuts and scrapes at one time or another. This kind of injury is usually just a part of life, and is generally low risk as long as infection is prevented. A basic knowledge of first aid is great to be able to dress wounds to prevent infections. Children, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses like diabetes are most at risk of infection, because they may be less capable of caring for wounds and may have reduced blood flow which slows the healing process.

Regular wound cleaning, application of antiseptic and clean dressings are an important part of safe and rapid wound healing.

Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are a common problem and can arise due to a variety of causes. Proper diagnosis should be done be a doctor to identify any new skin rashes. Rashes that are due to allergies can be resolved by removing the allergic substance from the environment, whether it’s a chemical, dust, a food ingredient or other material. Certain itchy rashes on the feet or body could be due to a fungal infection and are easily resolved with anti fungal creams or medication.

When it comes to skin rashes, the best approach is to get the rash appropriately diagnosed by a doctor and start treatment as soon as possible.


Indigestion is another common complaint that can come in the form of bloating, heartburn, gas or bowel complaints. A lot of the time indigestion is due to overeating, or eating specific trigger foods such as alcohol, tomato, chilli pepper or acidic foods. Triggers can be different from person to person. If you identify a certain food that causes you trouble, try avoiding that food to see if it fixes the problem.

Indigestion can also be caused by lying down too soon after eating or being in the wrong position. If your indigestion is severe you can see your doctor, or also try some over the counter medications to ease the discomfort.

With these tips you can enjoy better health and easy fixes for some of the most common health complaints today.

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