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Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, throwing a birthday party, arranging a wedding reception, or organizing some other event, the food you prepare or that you order from a catering service will be one of the keys to success. When it is an event for family or friends, special diets receive consideration. However, with vegetarian diets becoming more mainstream and with obesity and overall health becoming a growing social concern, considering a menu based on healthier food choices could earn you kudos from attendees as well as the guests of honor.

Planning for a Corporate Meeting

If you are in charge of the refreshments for a business meeting, consider serving pita bread or bagels cut in half with a selection of hummus, low fat cream cheese, and fruit spreads on the side. Tortilla chips or baked pita chips with salsa, guacamole, and black bean dip on the side represent other choices. Still other options include platters of low fat cheeses with whole grain crackers and fruits or trays of fresh fruits and vegetables with low fat dips. For less mess and easier clean-up, consider low fat or nonfat yogurt, pretzels, baked potato or sweet potato chips, air-popped popcorn, trail mix, or energy, cereal, or granola bars.

Catering a Luncheon or Dinner

Include vegetarian or vegan dishes such as pastas topped with meatless tomato or other vegetable-based sauces rather than cream sauces. Fish, skinless poultry, and lean cuts of beef and pork are healthy choices for meats. Limit servings to four ounces, and ask that the meat be broiled, grilled, baked, steamed, or poached rather than fried or sautéed. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be served in salads with low fat or vinaigrette dressings, or they can be cooked in ways that preserve freshness and nutrients. Offer whole grain breads along with white. For dessert, consider a choice of fresh fruits, fruit cobblers, or small servings of sorbet. Add 100 percent fruit juices or vegetable juices, low fat or nonfat milk, decaffeinated coffee and tea, and flavored mineral water to the usual alcoholic beverages, regular coffee and tea, and soft drinks, or create the soft drink fizz by mixing reduced sugar, powdered drink mixes with club soda or seltzer water.

Hosting a Healthy Party

If your party involves a buffet or a sit down meal, follow the suggestions for catering a lunch or dinner. Those choices would be appropriate even for a wedding reception. While some events, such as a business awards dinner may be largely sedentary, some sort of activity can be incorporated easily into other events. Whether ballroom, hip-hop, the twist, the frug, or disco suits your theme, dancing is a popular addition to many events. Active teambuilding challenges would be a good choice for corporate mixers. At warm weather reunions or birthdays, older family members might be limited to croquet or helping younger members with a treasure hunt, but others might enjoy swimming, a game of volleyball, tossing a Frisbee, or developing their skills at hacky sack. Even in cold weather, guests can enjoy a corn toss game, regular darts, indoor lawn darts with safety darts, or bowling on a reserved lane or two at a nearby bowling alley.

By combining these food choices and activities from Noosh Catering, you create a fun and healthy event for all.

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