The Cholesterol Lie

LundellIf you are overweight, over 50, and chronically exhausted, you are probably taking statins. The odds are good enough that I could make that a blanket bet, and make a lot of money on it. Chronic exhaustion is the #1 side-effect of statins. Chronic exhaustion is not just a normal part of aging.

If you are taking statins, you’ve been sold on the Cholesterol Lie. And you are now caught in Big Pharma’s trap, where their only real challenge is how to best prolong and intensify the misery without actually killing you (which stops the money flow). If you are like most people caught in that trap, you are currently on more than 6 prescription medications, most of which are for side-effects of statins, and would be completely unneeded if you weren’t taking statins.

You have been told that your high cholesterol is going to kill you if you don’t take statins. What you haven’t been told is the studies that “prove” that do not prove any such thing. In all of the studies of statins and all-cause mortality, there has only been only one group identified in which taking statins actually improves all-cause mortality. ONLY ONE! It’s men younger than 65 who have already had at least one heart attack. But get this… The improvement in that group is so small as to be negligible. All other groups? Well, in EVERY other group tested, statins worsen all-caused mortality. But the biggest problem with statins is not that they might kill you prematurely. The biggest problem is that they will almost certainly reduce the quality of your life.

So why are you taking statins?

Easy. Statins have proven to be the most profitable drug ever for Big Pharma. They have waged a very successful media campaign to convince doctors (and the management at hospitals where they work) that statins are a miracle drug that will prevent heart attacks. And that cholesterol levels over 200 are deadly. Neither of which is true.

Introducing Dr. Dwight Lundell

Dr. Dwight Lundell is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon. He is a pioneer of “off pump” heart surgery with 25 years of experience. In the last ten years he has performed over 5000 heart surgeries, with an outstanding success rate — but in his words, “Most of these [surgeries] could have been easily prevented had the patients been given the right information.”

Dr. Lundell has written a very important book called The Cholesterol Lie

What Will You Learn Inside “The Great Cholesterol Lie?”

  • The most famous long-term study in heart research… and how it led to the most devastating mistake in health care!
  • Why so many people who undergo bypass surgery are right back on that table ten years later… still not obese… still not smoking… and still with no elevated cholesterol
  • The essential response your body has to a foreign substance anywhere… and how it can turn against you, when it occurs in your arteries!
  • How 41% of ALL deaths in America could be prevented easily, simply, and virtually cost-free!
  • Why lowering your cholesterol intake is not helping lower your risk of heart attack… and may actually be doing you more harm!
  • How a healthy heart is meant to function… and how you can keep it that way, simply and easily!
  • How to recognize the signs of a heart attack… and the best course of action to ensure you survive!
  • The devastation being wreaked upon our nation’s health – and healthcare system – by the USDA’s “Food Pyramid”!
  • The fallacy of a low-fat diet – where the idea came from, the results of the experiment, and what needs to be done to overcome it!
  • The current state of heart health care… what’s working… what isn’t… and how to tell the difference, so you don’t become a victim of The System!
  • The connection between inflammation, obesity and heart disease. (Don’t just assume you know this one!)
  • Why some people never suffer from heart disease… even on a high-cholesterol diet!
  • How the following factors affect the health of your heart… and your chances for living to a ripe old age: protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake… smoking… exercise… environmental influences… sugar… prostaglandins
  • “Omega-3”, “omega-6”, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans-fats… if you’re confused by all this, and wondering whether you really need to care what fat is which… this book will straighten it all out for you. (And yes… you sure do!)
  • Which nutritional supplements are life-saving… and which are money-wasting (or even downright dangerous!)
  • You’ll get your “prescription” for eating out – even fast-food restaurants can yield a few heart-healthy options, when you know what to watch for… and watch OUT for!
  • … plus TONS of Tips to make your heart healthier, and your life richer and more rewarding!

If you are taking statins, you need to get this book now.

Dr. Lundell’s book comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you implement the changes in diet and lifestyle suggested by Dr. Lundell, you will start to feel dramatic improvements long before then.

Get it now.

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Howard Harkness is a blogger who is documenting his own recovery from the massive deluge of disinformation from the nutritional and medical industries in, a blog he maintains with his wife, Georgene.
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