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DaveAspreyInterviewI had the privilege of meeting Dave Asprey on last year’s Low-Carb Cruise (you might still be able get in on this year’s cruise, even though the initial deadline for signing up has passed). In his talk, he brewed and mixed some of his trademarked “Bulletproof Coffee” from his own brand (Upgraded Self) of coffee and MCT oil, plus some unsalted Kerrygold butter. Due to restrictions placed on us by the cruise line, he was not able to use a real grinder or a blender, so he ended up using a mortar and pestle to grind the beans, and a shaker to mix it.

Despite all of the limitations, the samples he handed out were fantastically delicious!

Later that same day, I did a video interview with Mr. Asprey, in which I referred to that demo as a “dirty trick.” I had initially resisted buying the stuff, thinking that it was probably just an over-hyped coffee. I figured it was probably good coffee, but no better than many other coffees I had tried. Now that I had actually tasted it, I was sold. It really was better than any other coffee I had ever tasted. As soon as we got back from the cruise, we placed an order for a 5-lb bag of the beans. We carefully divided the beans into 10 portions, sealed them in plastic bags with as much of the air removed as we could, and put 9 of them in the freezer.

The remaining portion, of course, we ground. Over the next several days, we treated ourselves to delicious Bulletproof Coffee.

I still marvel at the fact that I didn’t buy Upgraded Coffee because of the health benefits of low-toxin coffee, but for the taste!

We have been through several of the 5-lb bags of Upgraded Coffee since then. We buy it in the 5-lb bags to save money (in the 5-lb bag, it’s roughly the same price as most other premium organic coffee beans). You can now get a “kit” which includes both the Upgraded Coffee and the Upgraded MCT Oil, which is probably the best way to start off to see if you really like it as much as I do.

Since that fateful cruise, I have started nearly every morning with Bulletproof Coffee, and if I’m going to be traveling that day, I will blend a double portion and put half in a thermos. It’s a great way to start the day!

Buy Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee 5lb here.

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