How To Use Diet and Exercise To Help Prevent Panic Attacks

AnxietyAttackThere are so many people across the globe that suffer from panic or anxiety attacks and all these people are in the same boat when it comes to knowledge of how to cure panic attacks. There are plenty of articles available on the web but none of these contain much about how your diet and lack of exercise can contribute to bringing on these panic attacks. By adopting a healthier lifestyle you can seriously reduce anxiety and the chances of having anxiety attacks. Here are some small ways you can change your lifestyle to reduce the risk of panic attacks.


This is a word that is often used in a bad way, when people think of the word ‘diet’ they think of super skinny people however when I refer to ‘Diet’ I mean ‘what you eat’. There are some easy changes that you can make to your diet that can help your anxiety greatly. By limiting some foods and taking in healthier foods you will be on the way to managing your anxiety.


Sugar is in most things and is a vital part of most peoples diet especially when it comes to having energy so it is advised that you do NOT try and eliminate sugar from your diet. Sugar is found naturally in a lot of things like fruit etc. so these are good to eat but try to reduce the amount of non-natural sugary foods you eat, such as chocolate & fizzy drinks. Anything that has ‘Added Sugar’ should be consumed in moderation. Natural sugars take longer to break down and are released over time as opposed to the added sugars in sweets that will give you a huge sugar boost instantly.


If you suffer with anxiety you should try and stay well away from drinking large amounts of caffeine. This means don’t drink coffee or any high energy drinks as these can be full of caffeine, especially drinks like Red Bull. The best way to limit your caffeine intake is to cut out caffeine completely. However if you are already a heavy consumer then it is advised that you try and reduce the amount you consume each day. You could change a coffee you are about to have to a herbal tea. At least this way you can still have your hot drink except it would be a lot healthier for you.


By consuming alcohol you can accelerate the rate at which you can bring on an anxiety attacks. Some people who suffer from panic attacks use alcohol to suppress the problem, this might seem like it is working on the night but in reality it is leading to a major panic attack. By cutting down or eliminating the consumption of alcohol you can reduce your risk of having a panic attack.


This should be a key part to any person’s life whether or not they are suffering from anxiety attacks. However for those who are suffering from panic attacks it has been proven that exercise is as effective as taking medication in the reduction of anxiety in a person’s life. This does not mean for a second to stop taking prescribed meds, however it does mean that exercise is a powerful tool that can help to reduce the amount of anxiety in a person’s life.  Start off small when it comes to exercising and build it up over time. You should consult a professional before adopting a new exercise regime from scratch, particularly if you are overweight.

Exercise and altering your diet can be great tools in trying to reduce the risk of panic attacks but be strict with yourself and keep working towards more exercise and less Caffeine, Sugar & Alcohol.

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