10 Simple Ways to Make Fitness a Part of Your Life


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When it comes to staying fit a lot of us have good intentions but little follow through. It can be hard to start a new routine and we can also block ourselves from success by having too big of a goal to start with. You should focus on little goals and making fitness an easy daily habit, not a huge change. Here are some ways you can make fitness a part of your life without having to sacrifice a lot:

  1. Take a Walk – One of the easiest ways you can start making fitness a part of your life is to take a walk. Even a twenty minute walk once a day can make a big impact. You don’t have to go far or fast to start having a better sense of fitness. You can gradually work your way up to farther and longer walks or to jogging instead of walking. As you walk, either outside or on a treadmill, try to take the time to decompress your mind. If you can try to walk without music or technology. This can be a great way to have time to think and plan without stress. If you must have music to stay motivated make sure it is upbeat and will keep you moving strong the whole time. That will make it much easier for you to make the walk a part of your everyday routine.
  2. Drink Water – Drinking water is essential for your health. Your body craves water and dehydration is very serious. It can cause headaches and muscle aches and even hunger. If you feel hungry when you have eaten enough or have a headache in the middle of the day try drinking more water. That could be the reason. You should avoid sugary drinks like sodas and juice and even alcohol as they can make you gain weight and are not healthy for your body. Even diet drinks have a negative impact on your health. Instead try plain water or water flavored with lemon juice to give it some extra kick. This is good for you and helps you to stay strong in a simple way.
  3. Eat Balanced Meals –When you eat, ether going out to eat or at home. Try to make sure you eat balanced meals. It can be hard to do that especially when you eat out a lot but it can be done. Fill up on vegetables first and you will be less likely to eat the fattening foods. Avoid fast food places and try to pick healthy options like lean meats and sauce free meals. If you have to have dessert try things that are good for you like fresh fruit or frozen yogurt. It does not have to be hard to eat right and making it a habit will make it much easier for you to stay fit and maintain ahealthy weight in the long run.
  4. Snack Time –Beyond just meal time snacks are a big culprit in eating unhealthy foods. Do not go for the easy bagof chips or candy. Instead try to take fresh fruit to snack on or nuts and dried fruit. This can mean you have to do a little preparation work but it not only saves you money but is better for your body too. Try to include some kind of protein to keep you fuller longer and you will find that snack time can bea healthy way to stay fit.
  5. Stretch –When you sit at a desk all day or do any kind of repetitive labor it is hard to break free of that mindset. However you should take a few minutes every couple of hours to stand and stretch. Stretching is good for your body and helps to prevent damage from repetitive movements. You can do yoga poses or just simple stretches to get your body moving again. You should also do something that gets your blood moving to prevent clots and muscle knots.
  6. Meditate –Another advantage of yoga is the opportunity to meditate. Mediation or relaxation time in the quiet is very important. You should black off all distractions and take time to relax your mind and body. You can put on white noise or nature sounds to block out distractions if you must. Focus on positive thinking and relaxing your mind from the events of the day. By doing this you can live a more stress free lifestyle and make sure your blood pressure stays down on a regular level.
  7. Get Outside – Another great way to reduce stress and be more fit is to get outside. Regular sun exposure is important for Vitamin D production and it is a great idea to get fresh air every day. You should not be cooped up inside all the time. Take a walk around your office building, your neighborhood or even go to a park to enjoy nature. Even the colors of nature are relaxing and it can help you to unwind and distress. If you go early in the day it can be a great way to get your daily exercise and plan for the day without distractions. Enjoy the scenery and the sounds of nature around you and get in touch with the world again.
  8. Take the Stairs and Park Far Away–Every time you have to go up or down inside a building try to take the stairs. It is only a small thing to go up a couple flights of stairs andthen back down but it can lead to a better lifestyle for your health. The exercise can help your muscles stay string and your bones be protected from damage. Even if you have a purse or briefcase you can still use the stairs and get your fitness. The same idea goes when parking. Do not look for a place close to the entrance. Instead park in the back of the lot and take the time to walk. It is a great way toadd little steps to your fitness routine without even noticing it.
  9. Be Social – Being around other people is also a part of fitness. You need to connect with others to live a healthy lifestyle. It can be great to relax and talk to friends or even get or give a hug. This releases hormones that help us relax and heal and also helps us to share our stress with others so we do not feel so alone or overwhelmed. Although it can be hard to be social it is worth the effort of planning. Being social also means you are held accountable if you tell others about your plans to stay fit. They can help you to stay on track and do what you need to.
  10. Change Your Thinking – You need to change the way you think about fitness. Fitness is not about the work you put into it several times a week. Instead it is about lifestyle changes that you can do every day. Little steps add up and it is the habits you make that determine your overall success and fitness. If you want to make real changes in your life and routines then you need to change your thinking first.

As you can see, fitness is more than just a choice. It is a lifelong habit that you must set your mind to. You should not make fitness a big deal. Instead make it a series of small accomplishable tasks that do not feel overwhelming. You will have bad days but if you have good habits then you will be successful in your goal of becoming a fit and healthy person.

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