Staying Fit With Kids


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Staying fit and healthy with kids is no laughing matter. When you are trying to juggle your own life plus those of your children you are often overwhelmed and feel like you do not have time to eat right or stay fit. However there are ways to stay healthy even with kids. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Plan ahead – one of the most important ways you can eat right with kids is to plan your meals ahead of time. When you can have healthy dinner options ready to pop in the oven you are much less likely to resort to junk food or unhealthy meals. If you can plan your meals for even a week and prepare some of those dinners on the weekend you will find it much easier to eat right all week long.
  2. Healthy on the go snacks – Another big diet breaker for parents is those car trips back and forth to school and activities. While it can be tempting to munch on chips or easy packaged unhealthy snacks you can easily combat this bad habit by making up your own health on the go snacks for you and your kids. Baggies with homemade trail mix, dried fruit, or dry cereal are all healthy alternatives to chips. Bring along water and flavorings for an alternative to sugar filled sodas and juices. You can make even long car trips healthy with fun and easy homemade snack bags.
  3. Moving opportunities – Last but not least, take the opportunity to move whenever you get it. When you are cleaning the house, keep moving and dancing along to music. This can make your kids more enthusiastic about helping out with chores too. Make it into a game. While watching television get up during the commercials and do jumping jacks, sit ups, or other physical activities. Make moving a part of your family’s day by walking or riding to the park, taking a karate class or other physical class  together, or even practicing yoga and healthy stretching and mediation. It can be a great bonding experience for you and your kids.

As you can see it is not hard to make healthy diet and exercise a part of your life even as a parent. Set a good example for your kids and help them form healthy habits early. Then you both can enjoy a fit and healthy life together!

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