Best Foods That Must Be A Part Of Basic Diet Of An Endurance Athlete

SportsNutritionIn order to run marathons and partake the sports that involve extensive pressure and sweating for longer hours, an athlete needs to have a high level of endurance. The kind of routine that endurance athletes have is totally different from athletes of other sports.

Besides the extensive and intense training that an endurance athlete has to go through, the other thing important for the athlete is the food he or she consumes. The type of food consumed by endurance athlete is way important for the athlete as it directly affects the endurance level. The lines below give the foods that must be a part of the basic diet plan of an endurance athlete.

1. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is the most integral component for the diet of an endurance athlete, primarily because it comes with complex carbs, and some good proteins. The high complex carb factor ensures that the supply of fuel to the athlete’s body continues on longer and the athlete does not feel lethargic or low in energy. Therefore, oatmeal with its vitamin B, antioxidants and minerals is an ideal choice to be one of the basic foods to be consumed by endurance athletes.

2. Kale:

Another food that needs to be a part of endurance athlete’s diet is kale. Because of being a member of the cabbage family and being rich in numerous vitamins, iron and calcium, kale is an ideal food for endurance athletes. Moreover, kale is also rich in antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties that protect the body from the harmful effects of the free radicals produced in the body during long workouts. Thus, the more their effect is reduced, the better the body is able to perform. Therefore, consuming kale is the best food that endurance athlete’s can include in their daily diet.

3. Milk:

Milk has long been known as a food and symbol of strength and greater power. Therefore, the inclusion of milk in the diet of an athlete is a fact that requires neither any explanation nor any kind of justification. Milk is a great source of protein and carbohydrates. The proteins help the endurance athlete in maintaining the muscle strength, while carbs help them keep the energy levels high.

4. Bananas:

For athletes of all the sports, bananas are an ideal pre and post workout food. With their potassium, vitamin and protein, bananas help supply energy and keep the belly healthy for a long time. Moreover, bananas help in regulation of digestion, and keep the blood sugar level under control, thus improving the overall health of the body. Therefore, eating one or two bananas before the workout give the necessary spike to the athlete.

5. Whey:

At this point of time, whey is the best food that an athlete can get hands on in order to increase the endurance and performance levels. It is the purest form of protein available and besides that it is low in cholesterol and fat, thus making it an ideal choice for endurance athlete. This purity of whey is the reason that it is an integral part of all the supplements for energy available in the market.


In short, an endurance athlete has to give great attention to the matter of consumption of foods. In addition to the foods to avoid, the athlete needs to focus on the right foods to consume so that the athletic performance increases.

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