Want To Lose Weight? – Follow These Secret Weight Loss Tips

Despite all your efforts, you can’t reduce your weight. Even sadder, instead to lose, you gain more weight.

You are going to the gym or fitness center three times a week, and you still can’t lose some pounds, but otherwise you have increased belly fat. You’ve given up all sweets, and your pants are still too tight.


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Often, the results of your diet are invisible, and sometimes you think that your body is resistant to all diets, and all your efforts are for nothing. In those moments you are starting to think that it is impossible to reach your goal, and the only thing left is to give up. But if you understand the “nature” of the problem, then you will be able to handle the situation.

Nutritionists and doctors agree that losing weight is not just a physical issue, but certainly affected by your psyche. If you want to achieve great results, it is not enough just to exercise very hard, but you must feel good – be in a good mood. So, the problem is in your head!

It might seem strange, but if you think more about which day to start your diet, you will always feel bad. Just free your mind, and start today. Maybe you haven’t noticed that, but the reasons for this behavior have its roots from our childhood.

Look at the world around you, and you will have a clearer picture about what it is! Some unhappy child who cries, and what he will get to be pleased? – Of course, food or some beverage!

So most of the kids are forced to suppress their frustration, and resolve the problem in an inappropriate way, and to find a source of pleasure in “stuffing in themselves!” Day by day, such type of behavior becomes bad habit, and each occurrence of frustration as a reflex will be seeking for some food.

Now ask yourself, how you respond to frustration? Problems at work, at school, at college, problems with your partner or family problems…what do you do in those moments? Most of us reach for food for pleasure as we used to in childhood. So, that shows the connection between the mind and the body.

Other extreme cases are the rewards and punishments in the form of food. For example if you are nice you’ll get candy, chocolate, lollipop… these cases are very common and very bad for the education of the kids.

But some of the parents are disrupting the food pleasure of their children’s in case of disobedience. So this is example of bad educational type, because the food in this case is a method to manipulate.

However there is a solution. If you want to lose your weight and change your habits, follow these tips that will help you to reach your goal…

Set realistic goals — avoid drastic diets!

  • Nothing in life is happening through the night,so it is the same if you want to lose weight. Because of that, don’t start the first week with too strict regime of your diet, because you will only stimulate hunger. Begin with your diet and every week change something in your usually eating habits, so during the time you will completely change your eating habits, and they will become your lifestyle.
  • Do not wait for the perfect day to start your diet. Just specify a day to start your diet like Monday, or at the first day of the next month (a new beginning).
  • Do not despair if you suffer from excess weight, you’re not alone. According to research, 60% of the people, at least once a year, are moving to a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Stop counting calories. Of course, eat in normal range following the old adage, breakfast like a king, lunch like a servant, and dinner like a pauper.
  • Choose a diet partner, someone who will be your supporter and encouragement. Someone who will talk to you for your difficulties, and thus will help you to overcome the difficulties, share your joy and success. When such a relationship is established between two persons, you will discover new source of joy and consolation that is not food. And also your pounds will melt in a healthier and easier way.

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