Eat Stop Eat: The Easy Street to Weight Loss

Eat Stop EatThe battle of the bulge! So many of us fight it, striving for the ideal weight, looking for magic answers in a pill, exercise equipment, or a diet plan. Regardless of how it is done, losing weight is a struggle. When a plan comes along that works, people take notice. Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program is exciting in its potential for positive results without the struggle. It is based on intermittent fasting, a concept which may throw some consumers for a loop. However, Pilon promises that a little fasting never hurt anyone and it will kickstart the body’s metabolism for excellent results.

Brad Pilon is a certified nutritionist with expertise in health and fitness. He’s done his homework on a global level, traveling the world and studying the variety of approaches used for weight loss. Based on a compilation of his results and study, he devised the Eat Stop Eat program, revolutionary as compared to others with its recommendation to fast once or twice a week. Fasting to lose weight certainly is not a new idea. When performed improperly, it can be extremely dangerous, mainly when overzealous subjects take the matter too far to an anorexic level. Many cultures include fasting for at least a day on occasion in order to detoxify the body. Brad Pilon found a healthy balance, or so he claims, in his approach to weight loss.

In the Eat Stop Eat program, recommendations are provided for a healthy diet that includes whole grains, lean protein, fresh produce, and plenty of water. There is no need for an extremely restrictive eating plan or that annoying counting of calories. In addition to eating better, individuals are advised to fast once or twice a week. When choosing to do so twice a week, those days should be spread apart. On fasting days, a person is allowed to have liquid, such as tea, juice, milk, and water.

For many, the concept of fasting may sound impossible. However, Pilon suggests that it truly isn’t that difficult as long as a person remains occupied. The body will adjust and growth hormone production will increase, resulting in an increased metabolic rate.

In addition to fasting and eating a balanced diet, weight training is necessary on a regular basis. Working out with weights increases strength, builds muscle, and burns fat. By combining fasting with this particular form of exercise, optimal results are possible for effective weight loss in a short period of time.

There are several advantages to the Eat Stop Eat Program. Except for the initial cost of the program, which is extremely affordable, there is no need to buy additional products or equipment. Consumers don’t need costly gym memberships, expensive diet supplements, or special food packages. Simplicity is another advantage. Many people have a tough time sticking to a program that is too involved. A person will actually save money on this program as the grocery bill gets smaller due to periods of fasting.

On the negative side, many people will find it a challenge to skip food for one to two days. According to Pilon, it is completely safe and the system will adjust. However, this may not be the case for all individuals. Diabetics couldn’t go without food. A consultation with a doctor is advised before starting the program.

This post is courtesy of the Australian Eat Stop Eat website, if you’d like to know more about the program, or perhaps are ready to order, you will find plenty of information at their site.

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