Diabetes Diet Keeps You Healthy

Diabetes diet is a healthy food plan suggested for individuals suffering from the condition of diabetes. Eating right is quite important when it comes to preventing or controlling diabetes. While exercise is highly relevant, what you eat will have the greatest impact when it comes to weight loss. Weight loss is very essential for controlling diabetes. If you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes, you can avoid the risks of diabetes by shedding off some of the body fat. You might be able to control diabetes by losing 8-10 pounds. Loosing this much amount of weight is not a mammoth task when you are following a healthy lifestyle and are eating right.

If you are suffering from diabetes, your body might not be able to properly use insulin. This often results in high blood sugar and glucose levels. Following a healthy diet will help you to keep your blood sugar levels at an optimum level. This is critical when it comes to managing diabetes. By controlling blood sugar levels you can prevent the health complications caused by diabetes. A professional dietitian can easily suggest an eating plan for you which are healthy and will help you towards controlling diabetes. Dietitians will take into consideration your weight, lifestyle choices, medications and other health problems you might be having, before suggesting a diet.

A healthy diabetes diet will involve:

  • Controlling food items which are high in sugar
  • Consuming smaller portions of food which are evenly spread out over the day
  • Controlling the amount of carbohydrates in the diet
  • Consuming a lot of whole grain foods, vegetables and fruits
  • Consuming lesser fat
  • Limiting the use of alcohol and other harmful substances
  • Reducing the amount of salt in the diet

Less body fat allows insulin to do its normal job. The first step towards reducing the body fat will be to eat food that contains less fat. Most dietitians suggest diabetic patients to avoid using meats, dairy products and oils. Instead of these items one can include fruits, grains and vegetables. Such items are healthy and provide enough energy for performing day to day tasks. Overly processed carbohydrates are bad choices in diabetes diets. One should avoid items made with white flour and sugar. Unprocessed carbohydrate containing items like potatoes, oats, beans, pasta etc are considered healthy. Highly processed carbohydrates are one of the main contributors of diabetes. So it is important that you avoid such items to ensure that insulin doesn’t have tough time doing its tasks.

Fat in animal products and oils restricts insulin’s ability to move glucose into the cells. Some people might have tough time controlling the amount of oil intake due to habit of consuming crispy foods. If you are such an individual then you should compensate to it by doing more cardio workouts. Try to consult a dietitian and ask him to suggest alternative foods which are healthy and at the same time enjoyable. Vegetarians are at lesser risks to diabetes than non-vegetarians. If you have severe diabetes then it is suggestible that you stick to vegetarian diet. Following such a diabetes diet will help you to keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels at controllable rates.

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  1. N=1 says:

    Some major problems with this article.

    1) There is no such thing as a “healthy whole grain.” See Dr. Wm Davis’ book Wheat Belly for details on this myth. If you have a pre-diabetic child, you can virtually guarantee that you can give that child full-blown diabetes by feeding it lots of “healthy whole grains.”

    2) A vegetarian diet is basically an eating disorder which in the long run leads to many health problems. Denise Minger did a pretty good job of thoroughly disemboweling the vegetarian myth. Google for her name.

    3) Dietary fat from (naturally-fed) animal sources improves insulin sensitivity. Vegetable oils will worsen insulin sensitivity.

    4) On a low-carb diet, it is not necessary to eat frequent, small meals. See Dr. Eades blog for details. Dr. Eades also has a lot of information and references showing why a vegetarian diet is suboptimal, and in fact bad, for diabetics.

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