Keep your chin up: Four ways to look and feel your best

Looking and feeling good truly go hand in hand. A person who feels positive about themselves is more likely to commit extra time or expense to the way they look on the outside. Sometimes an outer improvement can help provide that extra boost of confidence needed to achieve a goal. You don’t have to go to extremes to look and feel your best; some of the most effective changes are also the easiest.

1. Get nutty

Improve your mood by eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fatty, coldwater fish like salmon and herring. Nuts — especially walnuts — are also good sources. In addition to keeping your mood stable, Omega-3s can help you look great on the outside by contributing to healthy hair, skin and nails.

2. Get active in intervals

Everyone knows regular exercise is the best way to stay fit, combat extra weight and ease mild depression naturally, but did you know a 10-minute walk can actually make you feel more positive for up to two hours? A short walk up the stairs or around the block or a few minutes of yoga or dancing can get those endorphins moving and put a rosy glow on your cheeks. Three or more 10-minute bursts benefit your health just as much as spending 30 continuous minutes on the treadmill. Exercising in intervals will keep you feeling happier and looking better throughout the day.

3. Get a procedure

For most people, aging gracefully means accepting the changes that time brings and letting your inner beauty shine through brighter than ever. However, when those changes are physically uncomfortable and can’t be improved through lifestyle changes, a noninvasive procedure may be the answer. A non-surgical necklift can eliminate uncomfortable, sagging skin and leave you looking and feeling better than you have in years.

4. Get a fashion makeover

Style isn’t about wearing the trendiest clothing; it’s about wearing clothes that complement your shape and lifestyle. Many people get stuck in a fashion warp, wearing the same types of clothes they wore in high school or college because they don’t know another way to dress. Looking outdated can affect your career, your love life and your self-confidence. If you suspect your look is holding you back, hiring a professional stylist is a smart move. Knowing how to dress for any occasion builds confidence and gets you noticed in all the right ways.

Many factors can affect the way a person looks or feels. A prolonged illness or bout of depression can take its toll on your physical looks, even after you’re feeling better. Taking a few small steps like eating better or dressing well can go a long way towards helping you look as good as you feel. When you’re at your best, people around you respond more positively and life seems filled with possibilities. Take the extra time and effort to put your best foot forward. Doing so can go a long way toward improving your quality of life.

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