Health Tips-How to keep fit?

In this fast track world, it is necessary to keep yourself in good shape. It is possible only when one is eating healthy and is doing some exercise regularly. In this hectic lifestyle, very few people include healthy food in their daily diet. The word diet does not mean you have to deprive your body of the necessary nutrients. Diet means food intake or nutritional regime. Here are some tips to maintain your health:

  1. Stick to your meal timings as far as possible. It will help your digestive system to function properly and you can feel the difference in your energy levels.
  1. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. This will give your body sufficient vitamins and minerals and will keep you fit. Make sure you eat fresh fruits and not canned fruit juices. It will help you avoid unnecessary empty calories intake.
  1. Many people think exercise is only for weight loss or muscle building only. It is not so. You can lose weight if you can watch your diet. You do not have to starve for weight loss. If you include healthy food habits in your diet, then you can stay fit and lose weight without having to go hungry.
  1. If you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, you can get a properly functioning body and can stay away from various illnesses. Regular exercise can improve your immune system if you couple it with healthy food intake. Those who exercise regularly certainly enjoy the benefit of staying fit.
  1. Do not include any dietary supplements or pills in your diet without consulting your physician. The same thing applies to the exercise. Consult your physician and/or trainer before starting new exercise so that your body does not suffer from any side effects. Keep one thing in mind that the dietary supplements and not the substitutes. Doing this may create a deficiency of particular nutrient in your body and you may suffer because of this.
Health Tips

Health Tips

  1. If one dietary or exercise regime is useful for your friends, does not necessarily mean it will suit your needs too. It might have an adverse effect on your health. Do not follow any dietary regime blindly.
  1. It is a well known fact that the person’s eating habits decide his/her sleep pattern. If you eat healthy food, you can enjoy good sleep during nights. If you eat spicy or oily food and avoid eating fruits and vegetables, then there are more chances of your not getting good rest.
  1. If you are taking some medicines prescribed by your physician, do not stop them abruptly to avoid ill effects on your health.

Every person’s body needs different nutrient. A child needs more vitamins, calcium, minerals for proper growth. A pregnant woman needs to watch her diet carefully and must include iron and protein in her diet. An elderly person must take light meals so that his/her digestive system can stay fit. Follow these tips and stay fit and healthy.

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7 Responses to Health Tips-How to keep fit?

  1. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily require eating less. It just involves eating better. Swap out snacks that are loaded with trans fats for fruits and vegetables. Even changing a few habits can make a difference.

  2. Ryan says:

    fresh food and vegetables is one of the best way to lose weight or to maintain your weight…..

  3. Workouts-Abs says:

    Try to consume the freshest most colorful vegetables possible. The wide variety of colors in fruits and vegetables are known to contain a greater variety and higher concentrations of phytonutrients.

  4. Great blog, eating the right food is such a huge part of getting fit.

  5. The best way to keep fit is when a person decides to change the way of life, that means regular physical activity or sport and the most important eating healthy food. After a while, this way of life will become a habit and weight will stabilize.

  6. Diana says:

    Personally, I’m keeping fit with the help of some Toronto kung fu training sessions and by eating healthy foods as well.
    I know that by following these simple two steps, I won’t have any kind of problems… and this is my main goal.

  7. vaishu says:

    im a model…i would like 2 say tat keeping fit wit getting enough sleep aso is very important..

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