Where did all the posts go?

This blog started out as an experiment. I signed up for an article-submission service in the expectation of getting a variety of different views on the impact of diet and dietary supplementation on health. What I got was a variety, all right — of very low-quality articles. It seems that the general trend now is to start with a keyword phrase or two, then contrive an ‘article’ around them, stick in some spin-syntax, and submit spun versions of your article to every place on the internet that you can find. Even after rejecting 80% of the articles that were submitted (usually for obvious spin-syntax errors), the remaining 20% were full of grammatical errors, run-on sentences, and other writing atrocities. After going back through all of the submissions, I found that it was difficult to figure out what the main point was in most of them. I got the general impression that most of the articles were not even intended for human reading, but for search-engine fodder.

Today I deleted all of the articles I got from that article service, and I have terminated that service. I have gotten a couple of inquiries about guest blogging to which I will be responding, but I expect that I will be writing most of the articles here myself for the near-term future.

I view my experiment with auto-blogging as a failure. It appears to be just another way to fill the internet with junk articles for the sole purpose of getting backlinks. It is my hope that the various search engine companies can come up with a way for those of us who are actually looking for useful information to find it without having to wade through a sea of crap. Until then, I will be making an effort to make sure that this blog does not (again) fall into that category.

If you are interested in being a Guest Author on this site, please register a username on the site, and send me an email at blogowner@guestdietblog.com with that username (not the password). When I get that email, I will create a GuestAuthor account for that username, after which you will be able to access the Authors Only area. That is where I keep my latest guidelines and author notices.

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