Fructose: Metabolic Poison

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5 Responses to Fructose: Metabolic Poison

  1. Ellete says:

    ‘Getting your fructose from fresh fruit isn’t a lot better’!!! isn’t a lot better for what? I was eating at least 1kg of apples , 3 pears and half of watermelon (or/and other seasonal fruits) a day . After 4 month of my ‘only fruit diet’ I looked like I had survived a severe famine. I tried lots of diet plans in the past within exercising and diet pills but none of this thing caused any weight loss (at least not more than 1-1,5kg in a 3 month). How can you explain that?

    • gdbHoward says:

      “better for what?”

      Better for your health. You admitted that you looked like a famine survivor after 4 months of an all-fruit diet. You are lucky you survived that long on such an unhealthy diet, which had little protein, and almost no fat.

      “How can you explain that?”

      Now that your liver and adrenals have been damaged by excess fructose (and protein/fat starvation) during that bizarre diet, it is to be expected that you will have trouble losing weight, possibly for the rest of your life, due to the loss of insulin sensitivity. 4 months of a fruit-only diet is an excellent way to set yourself up for future problems with diabetes.

      • Ellete says:

        You mean if I start eating normal food instead of fruits I’ll get fat and will struggle to lose any weight?or if i keep dieting like this I can gain lots of weight in a future?

  2. Ellete says:

    ‘liver and adrenals have been damaged by excess fructose’ is that true?fresh fruits fruits from your garden can cause liver damage, isn’t it? I just can’t believe that!

    • gdbHoward says:

      Science continues to be true whether you believe it or not. As for your question about getting fat on “normal” food, that depends entirely on what you think is “normal” food.

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